This Month Menus

October Package  
2-Oct-16Nasi Uduk dengan Ayam Sambel Ijo dan AcarGrilled Chicken with Classic Caesar Salad
3-Oct-16Whole Wheat Spaghetti Bolognaise with Homemade chicken ballBlackened Tilapia with Fresh Salad
4-Oct-16Grilled Dory With Baby Potato And Veggie RollThai Chicken Cakes with Thai Fresh Salad
5-Oct-16Beef Stew with veggie and brown riceTeriyaki Tofu Meatballs and Japanesse Grilled Veggie
6-Oct-16Tofu sticks with sweet chili sauce with brown rice and sauteed vegetablesGreen Fritatta with Terong Balado
9-Oct-16chicken moroccan with green pare and red riceGrilled Chicken with Honey and Mustard Sauce with Fresh Salad
10-Oct-16Baked veggies and crumbed dory with mashed potatoCauliflower Fried Rice with Honey Sriracha Glazed Fish
11-Oct-16Beef Roulade with Veggie and Brown RiceGindara Teriyaki and Japanesse Salad
12-Oct-16TDKÕs Healthy burgerThai Gai Yang and Peas and Green Bean Salad
13-Oct-16Chicken Pesto With Grilled Potato And Fresh SaladEgg and Eggplants Bolognaise and Italian Salad
16-Oct-16Soto Kudus dengan Perkedel KentangPineapple Marinated Chicken and Sauteed Veggies
17-Oct-16Sweet chilli dory with brown rice and veggieTomato Garlic Basil Chicken and Cucumber Salad
18-Oct-16Beef Pad ThaiFish Fingers with Yoghurt Dip and Fresh Salad
19-Oct-16Spinach & feta frittata minis with mashed potato and fresh saladHawaiiaan Oven Baked Eggs and Fresh Salad
20-Oct-16Bakso Ayam Kuah dengan Mie ShiratakiClassic Tuna Nioise Salad
23-Oct-16Healthy Chicken SobaKung Pao Chicken with Garlic Baby Kailan
24-Oct-16Dori Sambal Matah Dengan Sayuran Kukus Dan Nasi MerahCajun Spiced Grilled Fish and Southern Salad
25-Oct-16Beef BBQ With Grilled Potato And Fresh SaladBuffallo Chicken Meatballs and Grilled Veggie
26-Oct-16TDK's gado-gadoTDK's Selat Solo
27-Oct-16Nasi Kebuli Ayam Panggang dengan Raita SaladIkan Asam Manis dengan Sayur Kukus

Menu could change or rotated, depend on availability and quality of products. The meal box we use is safe to use! It is BPA-free, so you can reheat your food for maximum 1 minute in it.