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What do we offer?

TDK's WEIGHT LOSS by Clean Eating

Tasty clean-eating lunch and dinner for 1-month or 2-weeks, Safe method for weight loss, under doctor's supervision! Low salt, no MSG, minimum cooking oil, but still TASTY

TDK's REGULAR Clean Eating

For you who wants to stay healthy, and keep the body weight balanced You can choose what you want (lunch, or dinner, or both?) and how long you want it. Low salt, no MSG, minimum cooking oil, but still TASTY. Suitable for you who has high cholesterol, high uric acid, and hypertension

Crave by The Doctor's Kitchen

An economical package for you and your friend to choose! Start from Rp 35.000 per pax, minimum 3 pax. Enjoy free delivery fee for 5 pax. Contact admin or drop an email for registration or more info.


October Price

  • 1 Month Lunch and Dinner (2 - 27 Oktober, 20 days, weekdays only): Rp 3.140.000,-
  • 1 Month Lunch OR Dinner only (2 - 27 Oktober, 20 days,weekdays only): Rp 1.650..000,-
  • First 2 Weeks Lunch and Dinner (2 - 13 Oktober, 10 days, weekdays only): Rp 1.650.000,-
  • Second 2 weeks Lunch and Dinner Only (16 - 27 Oktober, 10 days, weekdays only): Rp 1.650.000,- 


Extra Fees per Batch

  • Custom for Pregnancy: Rp 50.000,- (No raw food)
  • Not choosing Regular Carbs: Rp 50.000,-
  • Not choosing Regular Protein: Rp 50.000,-
  • Extra Meal for Pregnancy / Breastfeeding: Rp 350.000,- per month



  • Jika ada hari cuti atau libur yang direncakan dan tidak dapat menerima paket makanan, silahkan hubungi admin kami, dan biaya akan dikurangi langsung.
  • Jika ada kegawatan / suatu alasan sehingga tidak dapat menerima paket makanan, hubungi admin kami maksimal 1 hari sebelum pengantaran.
  • Cancellation dengan alasan apapun tidak dapat diberikan pengembalian dana (refund). 
  • Lebih lanjut dapat membaca Terms & Condition.


Oktober Schedule

  • 1 Month : 2 - 27 Oktober; 20 days
  • 2 weeks: 2 - 13 Oktober (10 days), or 16 - 27 September (10 days)

Weekdays Only.



  • Healthy and freshly cooked meal every weekdays (delivered once before lunch time)
  • 1 bottle of fresh infused water per day
  • Fresh fruit for dinner
  • Plastic eating utensils (spoon, fork, tissue)

Delivery Area


Extra charge will be applied for area outside Jakarta. Contact us for more info!

*Bekasi area coverage: South and West Bekasi