About Us


Met in FKUI (Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia) back in 2007, The Doctors immediately became bestfriend. We share same dreams, passion, and hobbies; we love to eat, we love to have a good workout, and most importantly, we care about health of people. We believe our knowledge and abilities could help people to lead a healthier lifestyle, this time, through food we provide with thoughts and love.


Basically clean eating is a way to eat wide-variety of whole, unrefined and unprocessed foods. It avoids processed sugars and saturated fats and trans fats, combining complex carbs with lean protein and healthy fats.
We prepare the food with best ingredients available: organic rice, organic vegetables, healthy beef and chicken, and fresh fishes. We use best herbs and spices such as sea salt instead of regular table salt, molases or stevia instead of regular cane or artificial sugar, healthier choices of cooking oil, and of course healthy cooking methods.
We will deliver the lunch boxes to your workplace, every weekday (Monday to Friday) for two weeks or a month.



Been There Done That

We know what we’re doing! Not only from books, we do experience the benefit of clean and healthy eating for a looong time

We know our knifes

Culinary business has been going on ages in our kitchen! So we know our knifes and stoves well


Better quality, but much cheaper than others! Need we say more?

1+1 = yeay!

Counting calories? We’ll count them for you.. Fuss free!

Ask away!

You can consult us about ANYTHING of your medical concerns, diet and lifestyle, even weight loss! We will provide you information needed about all that

No worries!

Healthy sources of fat and carbs, lean protein.. Happy tummy happy waist!


This ain’t another fad diet, This is lifestyle! Not only your weight, this can change your life. Health is an investment, so why not start NOW!